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Conceive path-breaking transformations with Durvah SAP consulting

Be the new generation ERP evangelist with the core SAP implementation, consultancy services that impart an end-to-end business value to your existing process. Create a highly sustainable and an interconnected system of various business departments that cohesively work to demonstrate effective multi stakeholder-ship leading to ultimate business goals. Achieve an all-time high efficiency for a brilliant business approach marching into the future.

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Unlock unlimited possibilities of growth in your business with Durvah SAP implementation service. Our diligent team of SAP developers focuses on rapid SAP development that helps you funnel team efforts into business growth. 


Streamline business approach and make the necessary transformations for better productivity and higher profitability. SAP consulting services help you build a more clear vision around enterprise resource planning. 

Managed Services

Focus on business optimization and innovation with our Application Managed Services. With our flexible models customized to your operations, we become an extension to your internal team providing value driven application management services on Enhancements, Performance Optimization, Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and much more.


We always focus on effectively integrating the SAP back-bone with your other applications. SAP development operations are best complimented by integration efforts in the wake of a problem-solving approach.

Governance & Audit Services

Our services is aligned to our experience in:

  • Handling complex SAP Authorizations design and implementation for World wide Businesses.
  • Solving problems for Large Customers struggling with perennial control issues with SAP Authorizations and within a short duration.
  • Simplifying data presentation of SoD results to facilitate segregation and remediation of SoD Conflicts.
  • Assist in simplifying and deploying fail & future proof fire fighter access model.
  • Assist in deploying a sound joiner/ mover / leaver process for SAP Access across varied businesses for employees as-well-as non-employees.
  • Assist in both; deployment and seamless execution of an on-going support model for SAP Access Controls.
  • Conducting a deep dive audits and presenting reports that is easily understood and along with recommendation for corrective actions.

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